MCS Revamps Vendor Management

Mortgage Contracting Services here, a provider of property preservation and inspection services, has restructured its vendor management division to better work in partnership and accommodate the changing needs of its vendor network.

Changes include a lead generation program, a national supply change and a new vendor conference. The new division will be headed by vice president Gary Archambault, along with Amanda Sheridan and Elspeth Spransy, who will serve as internal and external directors, respectively.

MCS has tripled in size in the last 18 months, taxing its vendor network to the point were many contractors were overworked and taking on more assignments than they had the capacity to handle, the company said.

MCS decided to create a new lead generation program so it could provide vendors with subcontractors to complete work orders. For vendors that manage work across several states, finding qualified subcontractors can be challenging, the company said.

MCS developed the program to add value to vendors and help them find quality subcontractors to assist with growing demand for property preservation services.

Allan Martin, CEO of MCS, said in a news release that his company believes the key to success is having the right infrastructure in place.

"Our vendors are part of that infrastructure, and as such, we realized that we needed to expand and enhance our vendor management division to better meet - and exceed - the needs of our vendor community. They are facing the same challenges as MCS, but without the resources to handle the growth. We have made some strategic changes to enable them to better meet the demands for property preservation work and do their job more effectively and efficiently," Mr. Martin said.

In addition to lead generation, MCS is also developing a supply chain, whereby they will contract with national organizations to purchase materials at a discounted rate. This will allow vendors to take advantage of bulk pricing, which is particularly attractive to smaller vendors who will be able to lower the rate they currently pay for those supplies.

Mr. Archambault said MCS considers its vendors an extension of the company and wants the vendors to feel positive about communication with MCS.

"We want to know how we can help them grow their business and what they need from us. Without seeing your vendors or speaking to them regularly, it's impossible to understand their capacity, which is critical to determining when work needs to be redistributed or when new vendors need to be added."

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