Hyland, Fujitsu Team Up on Scanning Technology

As lenders embrace imaging at a heightened pace, the need to embrace new hardware, i.e., scanners, becomes important. To fill this need Hyland Software in conjunction with Fujitsu will be demonstrating a mortgage-specific scanner at the MBA annual.

"We'll offer distributed scanning from branch locations with this new tool," said Jason King, director of financial services at Hyland. "There will be no more shipping costs for lenders once they embrace this. This will put a small device with OnBase (Hyland's flagship software application) already loaded in it right into the lender's network. This will also help in the e-mortgage space because lenders can scan docs in and e-deliver them into the secondary market. It's a slick device."

"When we researched developing this product, we talked to people doing de-centralized scanning," added Scott Francis, senior director of product marketing at Fujitsu. "In talking to lenders we determined that they really needed a big enough screen to see the image. You also need a large keyboard. So, the footprint is small in that it's a small device, but all the things people need to interact with it are there and large.

"Specifically, we have a touch screen to enter data and review images. It's easy to interact with the device. The user interface is very simple because it's designed to bring the docs specifically into OnBase only. You can also use the tab and keyboard if you're not comfortable with the touch screen. It's easy for an employee to go up to the device and interact. Also, because it's one integrated device deployment is easy. You open the box, plug it in the network, sync it in and you're ready."

"Lenders want an easy way to capture borrower info as quickly as possible and get it into OnBase," reported Mr. King. "This is a way for users to get info quickly into OnBase to help them speed up the process."

But how many of these scanners does a lender need to go across their enterprise? "You can use a full line of scanners, this is just our preferred method," answered Mr. King. "In the design Fujistu asked us what to install and what would help our customers. It was designed to our user's specs. We're all about choices. This will just make the process faster. Learning time is zero with this tool.

"You could have it at the backend of the mortgage process and you could have as many as you want. A lot of branch companies will give one to each branch and have several at the headquarters."

This is part of an exclusive partnership between the two companies and Fujitsu will not being doing like deals with Hyland competitors. "OnBase is our exclusive partner," noted Mr. Francis. "We've been working with them on this. Vertical markets like mortgage require simple hardware. We can grow in this space because this is so easy and has a clear ROI. This is just more productive.

"The scanner is born from our top-selling scanner used for document imaging. This can do everything from cards and documents up to full legal documents. It has a dual camera system, a 50-page document feeder and it can do over 2,000 documents a day. Also, because it has OnBase in it, it automatically attaches to their system and offers the latest version."

"This time of the year we're ramping up our quality assurance schedule," added Mr. King. "These technologies will further enhance a lender's ability to save money. In terms of attendance at the show, it won't be much different when compared to the hurricane show two years ago. Long-term lenders will think two or three years out. I think we'll have the right people at the show. I think it will still be well attended.

"At Hyland we've been working with a lot of loan origination systems. Lenders are interested in service-oriented architecture and moving to LOS systems that embrace those technologies. Imaging will continue to be a hot topic at the MBA as well."

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