Consulting Group Launches Business

In times when most of the industry is under pressure to find the best ways how to assist homeowners risking foreclosure, mortgage industry executives Erin Forbes and Cynthia Hamilton have established Lenders Credit Consulting Group, whose goal is to ensure those in the industry who provide assistance can keep doing that and not get out of business.

"At an unprecedented time in our industry, our desire is to see our colleagues weather the storm and stay in business," said co-founder Erin Forbes upon the launch.

"We share a commitment and obligation to our industry to use our expertise to help mitigate losses as well as assist the legal community in discovering the facts."

"LCCG will contract with mortgage bankers, warehouse lenders, Wall Street investment firms, mortgage insurance companies, legal and compliance firms, due diligence companies, and real estate attorneys seeking cost-effective solutions to lending related issues," Ms. Hamilton said.

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