A Scorecard of Ailing & Dead Subprime Servicers

(Dollars in Millions)

Servicer B&C The

Name Serv. Situation

Option One $69,039 Hurt by buybacks, parent trying to sell it

Ameriquest/Argent $65,000 Losing money, may be sold to Citigroup

Homecomings (e) $50,849 Parent, GM, may take $1 billion hit on bad


HSBC Finance $49,465 Huge B&C reserves, parent may sell loans

New Century $40,000 Losing money, criminal probe, may go BK

Fremont (e) $27,500 Hit with C&D, trying to sell business

MLN (bk) $17,000 Filed for bankruptcy protection in Feb.

Totals: $318,853

Notes: Subprime receivables as of December 31, 2006. Servicing rank is on the far left. (e) Estimate.

Firm would not provide a number. (BK) Bankruptcy. (C&D) Cease and desist order.

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