Thunderhead Streamlines Document Management

Origen Financial, a national provider of manufactured housing loans, has picked the Thunderhead multi-channel enterprise communication platform to automate, streamline and control loan product documentation. A major consideration was the fact that the Thunderhead platform integrates with the IBM FileNet ECM Suite.

In the past, Origen, a REIT based here with operations in Fort Worth, Texas, had been plagued with significant personnel and opportunity costs to implement any changes in its existing loan documentation, frequently encountering delays up to nine months. Introducing new products and services was hindered by delays in developing documentation.

Origen's old proprietary document engine employed hard-coded clauses to maintain document consistency. Authorized edits to the content or clauses of document templates had to be made by Origen's IT staff. The result was backlogs, bottlenecks and delays across the entire customer communications process.

Origen needed a document-generation system that could handle changes to diverse product sets that could distribute documents over a number of delivery channels, and that would scale for future expansion.

Origen reported that the new system, based on XML and open standards, relieved bottlenecks and enabled a 30% reduction in required staff, empowered business users to modify document templates rather than IT. The system also created an audit trail for compliance purposes.

"Thunderhead has enabled us to streamline the entire process dramatically, supporting the launch of new products and services that will drive the next stage of Origen's growth," said Origen CIO Paul Galaspie. Changes to documents now routinely take two to three days, Origen reported, and virtually all of its document backlog in its IT organization has been eliminated.

Since a quarter of Origen customers are Spanish speaking, a welcome feature was business rules enabling selection of the right language automatically.

"With Thunderhead, we can deliver a service to our Hispanic customers that is tailored to their needs and supported with consistent and personalized communications across all points of interaction with Origen, from contracts and correspondence to the call center," Mr. Galaspie stated.

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