ObjectBuilders Chooses Belanger to Sell eResolve

ObjectBuilders here expects its eResolve product to offer a significant advance in business-user configurability. eResolve is a Web-enabled repository for data, images, or documents related to a loan file with customizable workflows that offers organizations the ability to automate their request, resolution and reconciliation processes, from end to end.

eResolve solutions reduce the cost of funds, the number of days to fulfill loan commitments, as well as eliminating risk for incomplete collateral files and reduces compliance issues. Thus, when ObjectBuilders partnered with R.M. Belanger & Associates as an authorized reseller for eResolve, this was no routine arrangement.

Robin Belanger - a former Wachovia SVP who headed up document custody, warehouse lending administration and tax administration for the bank - was responsible for growing her division from three offices and 700,000 to 10 offices and over 6 million files. "We built our success and the success of our customers by truly partnering with them. Their barriers became mine. The key was to bring innovation along with flexible technology software and solutions," Ms. Belanger stated.

Under her guidance, Wachovia became able to offer its clients one-stop shopping for all of their custodial needs from warehousing to securitization. Its new systems created operational efficiencies through imaging, content management, workflow, paperless releases and barcoding, giving Wachovia's clients a single file review and creating significant cost savings and the ability to mitigate risk.

Ms. Belanger is an active member and former chair of the Mortgage Bankers Association Document Custody Subcommittee. She also serves on the MBA E-Commerce Subcommittee and is the e-mortgage task force representative for the E-Commerce Committee.

"My participation in the MBA has been beneficial because it keeps me directly informed to the always-changing industry requirements and gives me a view of what's going on in the marketplace," she noted. "This allows me to keep my customers informed of upcoming changes and opportunities for efficiencies."

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