Integrity Home Mortgage Deepens Relationship with Guardian

Guardian Mortgage Services, a subsidiary of Guardian Mortgage Documents here, has helped Integrity Home Mortgage increase its volume and position the company for growth by providing closing and fulfillment services. GMS provides customized back-office outsource solutions to lenders of all sizes and serves as a variable cost alternative to managing these operations internally.

Integrity, which has been a GMS customer for a year, started as a brokerage in 2005 with the intention of transitioning to a banker within five years, according to Adam Huddleston, president and CEO of Integrity. With the assistance of the GMS back-office outsourcing services, the Winchester, Va.-based company was able to make the transition and significantly increase originations within six months. Mr. Huddleston, who has been in the mortgage industry for eight years, said this accelerated timeline for his broker-to-banker conversion would not have been possible without GMS performing his back-office closing and post-closing activities.

"When I first planned to make the conversion to a banker, I was going to hire all of our own closers and outsource the underwriting," Mr. Huddleston said in a news release. "After being introduced to Guardian Mortgage Services through David Lykken at MBSD Group, and talking to them about the services they could provide, it became crystal clear to me that I could be much more effective because Guardian has the ability to staff with industry experts no matter when the busy times are and they are able to help me clear loans from my warehouse line faster than we could on our own."

By working with GMS, Mr. Huddleston said the bank is poised for growth outside of its current business radius, which includes Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. "And now is the perfect time to prepare for expansion," he added.

"Integrity Home Mortgage has experienced just how helpful it is to outsource back-office production to GMS in a broker-to-banker transition," said Tim Anschutz, vice president of marketing for GMD. "As a quick example for helping drive Integrity Home Mortgage ROI calculations, GMS immediately increased their loan pipeline capacity by a factor of five, while enabling them to clear loans from their warehouse line five to 10 days faster.

"Without exception, our B2B clients cite five key benefits of using GMS that enable them to make the transition dramatically faster with maximum profitability," Anschutz added. "These include a 100% variable cost structure (the lender only pays for services associated with a live loan), risk mitigation for documents and closing services, immediate access to industry expert staff, immediate and unlimited pipeline capacity and more efficient warehouse line management. (c) 2007 Mortgage Servicing News and SourceMedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved. http://www.mortgageservicingnews.com http://www.sourcemedia.com