First Magnus Sticks with LSSI's WebDocs

Lender Support Systems Inc. will continue to provide e-mortgage lending and loan servicing solutions for First Magnus Financial Corp.

The two firms have had a relationship since 1998, when LSSI started providing document preparation technology and compliance services for First Magnus, which uses LSSI's WebDocs engine on its business-to-business e-commerce platform called FMFC Online.

First Magnus Financial Corp. is ranked among the 15 largest wholesale lenders in the country, and FMFC is specifically designed to help FMFC Online partners close loans with less work and higher profit margins.

LSSI's WebDocs offers Internet-based loan documentation and disclosure anytime. The application creates loan documents, which can be electronically sent to a user's e-mail account.

"We continue to rely on LSSI because their technology and compliance servicers further enables us to provide our customers with efficient and cost-effective mortgage services," said Dominick Marchetti, CIO of First Magnus, in a news release.

"LSSI's document preparation technologies provide lenders such as First Magnus with a fully compliant, fast and accurate closing document solution that seamlessly interfaces with virtually all existing LOS systems," said Cary Burch, president and CEO of LSSI.

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