Hyland Encrypts Publishing Software

Hyland Software, developer of the OnBase enterprise content management software suite, has encrypted its CD and DVD publishing capabilities so that lenders can ensure enhanced security for files and information.

The enhanced encryption functionality allows lenders to encrypt both the loan files and the file directory on a CD/DVD format, the company said.

"Customer privacy concerns are especially important given today's business climate," said Jason King, director of financial services at Hyland Software, in a news release. "In light of recent data breaches, institutions cannot afford to have unprotected customer information. OnBase's encrypted CD/DVD publishing capability mitigates the risk of unauthorized browsing of published CD/DVD media by restricting access to employees who have a business reason to see that information."

The encrypted CD/DVD publishing capability uses a proprietary file system encryption driver to encrypt both the database file as well as the documents on the published media. Recipients of unpublished media enter a decryption password as part of the installation process to view the published data.

OnBase said it also helps protect clients in case a CD/DVD is delivered to the wrong address or in the event that the media is lost or stolen.

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