Fidelity National Title Offers New Program to Curb Fraud

Through a partnership with a subsidiary of Experian, Fidelity National Title Group here, a provider of title insurance, specialty insurance and claims management services, has launched a new product offering to help its customers protect against mortgage fraud. The new partnership with Experian Consumer Direct will offer customers one year of credit monitoring, fraud resolution assistance and a credit report at no cost.

Fidelity National Title Group's offering provides customers with daily monitoring of their Experian credit report, a comprehensive Experian credit report delivered online and e-mail alert notifications to inform them of key changes to their Experian credit report including new inquiries, newly opened accounts, delinquencies, address change and public record items. Toll-free support from fraud resolution representatives and educational information also are included in the yearlong credit monitoring membership.

"We recognize that mortgage fraud and identity theft are a growing concern not only for our industry, but for our customers as well," said Randy Quirk, co-president of Fidelity National Financial. "When our customers purchase title insurance from participating locations of our companies - Fidelity National Title, Chicago Title, Ticor Title, Security Union Title or Alamo Title - they will receive a one-year membership to Experian Consumer Direct's CreditCheck Basic at no cost."

Experian Consumer Direct is part of Experian Interactive and a market leader for online credit reports, scores and monitoring products delivered directly to consumers. Among its products, the business provides consumers with instant access to their credit report and credit score, plus credit monitoring products that monitor all three national credit reports daily and include identity theft insurance and fraud resolution.

Additionally, Experian Consumer Direct has established integrated, co-branded partnerships with many online financial destinations that provide consumers with a broad range of comprehensive online financial products and information essential to managing one's financial life.

"Consumers are often most at risk for identity theft after a big transaction, such as buying or refinancing a house," he added. "Every day, our title insurance providers are doing all they can to combat real estate fraud. Our products protect a homeowner's future by insuring the ownership of their home. It was a natural fit for us to partner with Experian to provide our customers with a reliable product to continue monitoring their credit after the transaction, empowering them to further protect their identity and investment."

"Our credit monitoring products give consumers peace of mind knowing that we monitor their credit report on a daily basis and will alert them of any key changes that could be a result of fraud or identity theft," said Ty Taylor, president of Experian Consumer Direct. "We are proud to join Fidelity National Title Group in its campaign to protect consumers and stifle mortgage fraud across the United States."

Fidelity National Title Group plans to roll out this offering in the coming weeks to California and Texas, quickly followed by expansion in the states where Fidelity National Title Group companies offer title insurance.

Implementation of the program in various states may require and is subject to appropriate regulatory approval.

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