August's Casualty List - Ailing And Deceased Mortgage Servicing Firms ( In Billions)

Lender Name Servicing Vol. Situation

The at 3/31/07

American Home Mort. $50,410 Filed for BK, swamped by margin calls

Impac Mortgage (NC) $25,916 Stopped funding alt-A, still in biz but

stock hammered

Aegis (NC) (E) $20,000 Closed by hedge fund parent, servicing for


Accredited (NC) $10,000 Losing money, sale to hedge fund in trouble

HomeBanc $8,832 Filed for BK, sold some branches to


Totals: $115,158 (Combined market share: 1.29%)

Notes: Firms listed by housing receivables, high to low. At press time MSN had not yet completed its 2Q servicing survey. (E) Servicing volume is an estimate. (NC) Firm is/was mostly involved in non-conforming production/servicing.

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