MCS Offers New REO WorkflowCommunication Tool to Lenders

Mortgage Contracting Services, Tampa, Fla., has released a tool to enhance workflow performance and customer service.

MCS is a national property preservation company. The company offers property inspections, property preservation, REO property maintenance, hazard claims administration and valuation services.

The new application, MCS360, facilitates all work-order-related communication for every project, including bids, work orders, damage orders and completion orders. The application relays data in real time to all impacted users so those users can see bids, approvals or rejections.

"There are three users for this tool, internal staff, vendors and our customers," said Andrew Rowlands, vice president of technology at MCS. "This is real time. When a vendor puts something in we see it and the customer sees it in real time.

"Vendor360 and Client360, which are rich client, and MCS360, which is a viewing tool for the customer, encapsulate our offering. Vendors can put completions in, photos, etc. It essentially makes the vendor do the work. It's a much faster, better tool that leverages .NET architecture.

"Historically everything was inputted on a website, which has its limitations," explained Mr. Rowlands. "MCS360 is about getting data out in a meaningful format. We aim our product at the top servicers. For us we make hourly changes to suit our customers' needs."

The technology ensures accuracy by automating the release of completions, bids and invoices. Users can view the status of projects in real time over the Web. Also all status changes automatically send out a notification to all parties.

"Going forward, we'll move to a new way to auto assign work in a more controlled manner," said Mr. Rowlands. "I've got an R&D team looking at mobile environments as well. With .NET we can release a cut-down version in a mobile environment for use in the field.

"The key to the product is that it makes things simple, fast and accurate. This isn't rocket science. We just want to foster speed and accuracy. We've put together something that makes sense and puts the data out in an organized, real-time fashion."

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