Silver Hill Promotes Commercial Education

National real estate lender Silver Hill Financial LLC here, a specialist in small-balance commercial loans, has launched an advanced commercial workshop it says is "focused on giving mortgage professionals a more in-depth look at small-commercial transactions, the market and Silver Hill."

The workshops first got underway in August and the company said they will "continue in several key markets for the remainder of 2007 and 2008." They are designed to give mortgage professionals "an understanding of the variables and factors that affect commercial mortgage rates; real estate, processing and underwriting functions; and how to apply focused marketing and sales strategies," according to Silver Hill.

"The workshop is designed to supplement the lender's introductory series with the next level of detail, ideal for professionals who have begun to transact in commercial and want to grow their business, or are looking to leverage Silver Hill's small-commercial program for their clients," the company said.

"It was time to introduce an advance course to explain the nuances of commercial transactions, the market and our program," said Salomon Wancier, senior vice president marketing and communications for Silver Hill, in a company press release.

"We are deeply committed to educating and training every individual that is interested in our program, from the residential mortgage professional who has never transacted in commercial, to the commercial broker whose clients could benefit from Silver Hill's one-of-a-kind small commercial program," Mr. Wancier said.

Silver Hill encourages mortgage professionals to attend the new workshop in person but also offers the course online weekly through its website.

"In-person workshops will be available in select markets including Houston, Sacramento, Detroit, Orlando, Boston, Austin, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Irvine, Calif., and Oakbrook, Ill.," the company said.

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