NFCC Launches Debt Advice Website in Spanish

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling here has launched TermineConSuDeuda.org, a Spanish-language version of its DebtAdvice.org website.

The new site responded to findings by a 2007 NFCC financial literacy consumer survey, conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates, which showed that "nearly half of all Latino respondents to the survey indicated a desire to improve their financial literacy." It is designed to help consumers understand the best ways to use credit and how to locate a trusted certified counselor if they need assistance.

More specifically it will help consumers find information on credit counseling, guidelines for selecting the right credit counselor, direct access to certified Spanish-speaking counselors through either a toll-free hotline (800-682-9832) or an online locator, answer questions about housing counseling and education, and benefit from consumer debt "workout" tools like the Debt Management Plan. It also assists with counseling and education requirements for consumers who are considering bankruptcy, as well as how to locate an approved agency.

The site was developed thanks to a grant from Countrywide Financial Corp. The new consumer website, however, is only one of a handful of other Spanish-language resources offered by the credit-counseling agency. NFCC also offers a toll-free "national locator line" to reach Spanish-speaking certified credit and housing counselors, and the "Homeowner Crisis Resource Center," an online resource to assist Americans in danger of losing their homes that features the "Mortgage Reality Check." The latter is a unique tool for homeowners who want answers to questions about their level of risk for foreclosure so if necessary they can immediately connect to a housing counselor. The NFCC website also offers public service announcements available to consumers with debt management issues.

NFCC's educational workbooks are produced in both English and Spanish and are available through the NFCC website. Currently available are "Mejore su Suerte"; "Controle su dinero"; "Controle su vida," a general financial literacy workbook; "Claves para ser propietario," a workbook for homebuyers; "Hay más de una salida," a workbook for those going through mandated pre-filing counseling for bankruptcy; and "Viva una vida más plena" for those taking a mandated financial education course prior to discharging debt in a bankruptcy. (c) 2008 Mortgage Servicing News and SourceMedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved. http://www.mortgageservicingnews.com/ http://www.sourcemedia.com/