New Updated Listings On Foreclosed Homes

Santa Ana, CA-As Orange County foreclosure activity reaches record levels, Orange County Register Communications and Foreclosure Trackers Inc. are providing a new service at OCRegister.com/realestate to obtain the most complete and up-to-date foreclosure property listings in Orange County.

OCRegister.com/realestate visitors now have direct access to Foreclosure Trackers' platform of foreclosure listings, which are processed to ensure that the foreclosure data are accurate. Each property listing profile contains information needed to expedite a timely investment decision, which may include a photograph of the property from an appraiser; county assessor information, such as square footage; and transactional data.

"By increasing the quality and quantity of foreclosure listings to our aggregated MLS, new home and rental listings, we provide an even richer experience for our users and the largest inventory of home listings available to Orange County residents," said Gary Tackett, director of real estate advertising at Orange County Register Communications.

"Orange County Register readers save valuable time and avoid an otherwise frustrating experience of researching incomplete or outdated foreclosure information."

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