Realtors Target Non-English Speakers

The Eastern Connecticut Association of Realtors has partnered with LLE Language Services to provide interpretation and translation to homebuyers and home sellers in 150 languages "to respond to this increasing demographic."

Quoting U.S. Census Bureau data that show up to 600,000 Connecticut residents are not native English speakers, the Eastern Connecticut Association of Realtors said it sees a substantial demand for native interpreters over the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as to ensure they can translate specific real estate documents into their language of origin.

The effort is just one way the industry is trying to help generate new business and assist in a slow market where both buyers and homeowners in distress, who are at risk or going through foreclosure, also face language barriers.

According to the LLE Language Index, which is also based on census data, the most frequently spoken foreign languages in the United States are Spanish, French, Mandarin, Russian and Korean.

"This partnership with the LLE linguist community provides a way for real estate professionals to respond to their current limited English-proficient clients while also attracting new opportunities by reaching out to prospective homeowners whose first language may not be English," said LLE president and CEO Kathleen K. Diamond. "Homeownership can truly be a reality for anyone in any language."

Realtors can dial toll free to access the LLE phone system, which will connect them to interpreters who are experienced and are familiar with the terminology and mortgage market procedures.

Linguists are available to translate from English to another language various documents including property listings, e-mail messages, website content, and other real estate and mortgage-related forms and specific documents. LLE linguists make direct translations, so the content is more accurate and credible since it is not generated automatically by any specific software and technology.

"Human translators are able to recognize cultural nuance and meaning," LLE said. The 30 year organization operates worldwide through an integrated network of 3,000 linguists in over 150 languages.

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