New Ranking on Satisfaction for Collection Firms

Collectors may not be very popular right now, but they are in demand and willing to offer quality service to both clients and their own staff.

In an effort to help collectors "see how they rank in employee satisfaction and what they can do to improve their standing," insideARM.com has partnered with Best Companies Group in introducing a nationwide search for the best places to work in the collections industry.

According to insideARM.com the "Best Places to Work" program represents the first-ever nationwide search for the best places to work in collections through a program that recognizes "companies that have the most content and engaged employees" based on employer reports and employee surveys. It honors the best work environments among debt collectors, collection law firms, and other industry providers.

"Numerous studies show a strong correlation between profitability and creating a good place to work," said Best Companies Group president Peter B. Burke upon the launch of the partnership. "In addition to the positive effect the award has on their employee relations and recruitment, the driving force for companies to join in this program is the remarkable effect that workplace improvements can have on their bottom line."

A provider of electronic news and information to the accounts receivable management industry, inside ARMs said it is in the process of accepting applications from U.S. collection agencies, collection law firms, and vendors that provide technology and services to these groups. To participate, companies must have at least 15 employees based in the U.S. and file their nominations by August 15, 2008.

Top ranking companies will be determined combining employer reports and employee surveys in three categories: small companies of 15-25 employees, medium companies of 25 to 249 employees, and large-sized companies consisting of 250 or more employees. Winners will be announced by insideARM.com in January 2009.

Companies participating in the program will receive a free overview report, and the option to purchase an evaluation of company strengths and weaknesses according to their employees. In addition, insideARM.com said, the report can be used in developing or enhancing employee retention and recruitment programs.

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