Insurer Expands Post-Catastrophe Inspection Option

Warren, NJ-Chubb, a homeowners insurer here, has expanded a post-catastrophe inspection service it previously offered only in Florida, to owners of second and/or vacation homes.

Chubb Property Manager is available in Georgia and South Carolina to those who may not be able to visit their property immediately after a hurricane or disaster. It has been available in Florida since 2007. The service deploys residential appraisers to inspect the exterior of customers' second or seasonal homes in the affected areas. The appraisers will inform those customers and their agents or brokers about the findings. For damages homeowners can authorize appraisers to submit claims and arrange for the dispatch of restoration specialists who can board up, tarp and extract water from the home. Chubb client service manager Maria Fernandes said it brings clients "peace of mind to know that someone is looking out for their property after they've been evacuated or if they are living elsewhere." It also helps prevent further damages, but CPM does not eliminate the need for customers to try to prevent losses prior to storms and other potentially catastrophic events, she said, so Chubb will continue to offer its water and wind loss prevention service in coastal areas.

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