RenewData's Scalable Solution

Austin, TX-At least one global document management service provider is looking into more flexible and scalable solutions.

RenewData, a provider of services for the discovery, archiving and governance of electronically stored information, has partnered with kCura Corp., Chicago, to host Relativity, a flexible and easy-to-use Web-based litigation support platform for document review and management.

Relativity adds to e-discovery and archiving solutions RenewData offers to its clients, counsel, contract attorneys and vendors.

It utilizes concept search and categorization tools that allow users to find relevant documents and validate review decisions through a secured, online interface. It is flexible enough to allow for customizable processing and data management, as well as collaborative access of data from different users.

The Relativity platform supports native review, native imaging and TIFF images, RenewData said.

Rich Cohen, executive vice president of legal services, maintains that law firms, corporations and government agencies of all sizes use RenewData for their e-discovery needs from collection to production.

Relativity meets the scalability and foreign language support requirements of large multinational firms and enterprises, and also the ease-of-use required by small- and medium-sized organizations. The addition also helps users to lower risk and cost "using one service provider to meet all their information governance needs."

To facilitate user access, RenewData plans to integrate Relativity directly into the company technology platform.

At the same time RenewData ensures that a client's data are handled in a legally defensible manner. Since Relativity is hosted at RenewData, critical evidence never needs to leave the facility.

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