Certification Key to Anti-Fraud Efforts

Seattle-At least one firm sees specialists in fraud prevention and detection as an important part of today's efforts to combat mortgage fraud.

Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, operating through its offices in Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco and New York since 1993, continues to develop its litigation practice through experts like Gary Beisheim.

After five years of work and study of fraud litigation, Mr. Beisheim recently received the Certified Fraud Examiner designation by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, an anti-fraud training and education provider. (He also holds the Certified Valuation Analysis designation and has been an active CPA since 1985.)

In addition, to maintain his credentials, he is required to continue to participate in professional education activity.

HBSS said Mr. Beisheim's certification enables him to help attorneys at the firm increase efficiency in the examination of data and records for fraudulent activity, interview fraud suspects, write investigation reports advise clients and other fraud-related services.

HBSS managing partner Steve Berman stated in a company release that while the firm recognizes that Mr. Beisheim has already been an instrumental part of HBSS, "his recent fraud certification allows our team to expand our capabilities. At HBSS a significant portion of our work involves uncovering fraud and corrupt practices in large companies and Gary's certification enhances our ability to investigate and recover on behalf of our clients."

Among others clients include home loan fraud cases filed against Countrywide, KB Home and Wells Fargo claiming these companies conspired with appraisers to initiate housing values, driving up home sale prices and pushing homeowners into dangerous loans, HBSS said. The firm focuses on class-action lawsuits that represent investors, customers and environment protection initiatives, cases that according to Mr. Berman, demand expertise and ability to be assisted successfully when pursuing justice through private litigation. Most recently the firm has filed several cases related to the Madoff investment scheme that target several "feeder funds" that pooled clients' money and passed along to Madoff for investment. HBSS is also involved in several active investigations into Bank of America and Richmond American Homes and other housing related cases.

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