Alliance Promotes Local Expertise

Hackensack, NJ-The New Jersey Commercial Real Estate Alliance, a first-of-its-kind organization, was created to maximize local input into a mortgage transaction including appraisals.

Launched by NAI James E. Hanson here at yearend 2009, the organization is inclusive of all the active professional disciplines involved in commercial real estate transactions.

"The commercial real estate landscape of New Jersey is littered with snares and pitfalls," says associate vice president at NAI James E. Hanson, Darren Lizzack, and alliance members "have the expertise to recognize and provide best practices" in order to best address the needs of today's marketplace.

NJCREA's stated goal is to provide greater value to a prospective venture. "Regardless of whether prospective clients are planning to buy, sell, build, renovate, lease, remodel, relocate or refinance commercial real estate, NJCREA aims to bring together highly regarded commercial real estate experts to examine and advise on ways to overcome the challenges that arise in real estate and construction projects by utilizing a unique and collaborative 'think tank' team approach," Mr. Lizzack says. Collaborative expertise provides greater value compared to a similar group of experts working independently.

Since NJCREA was formed in response to a real need within the state of New Jersey, he adds, it embraces a synergistic approach to properly address the unknowns of a turbulent economy and its impact on real estate development. Members include accountants, appraisers, architects, attorneys, brokers, insurance and title providers. NJCREA also provides input on distressed properties and other services such as appraisals.

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