New Photo Management

Pruvan, a service record technology provider in Austin, Texas, has released Pruvan 1.0, a new photo management solution for asset managers, field service providers, inspectors and appraisers responsible for the completion of fieldwork for mortgage servicers and government agencies.

Designed to make the work order management process faster and more seamless, Pruvan 1.0 offers an innovative GPS certification and time-stamping functionality allowing field crews and office staff to simply and quickly upload, sort and manage proof of performance photos.

Field Asset Services, a national property preservation and maintenance service provider, started using Pruvan 1.0 in early 2010 to streamline its proof of performance process. Averaging 500,000 photos per day (over 12 photos per second at peak usage) with over 1,500 simultaneous users, Pruvan 1.0 has transformed the way FAS manages its field forces, the work it does and the documentation of this work for its customers, said Dale McPherson, CEO of FAS.

"The solution is an ideal combination of smart technology applied to a cumbersome and subjective process," he said.

"Pruvan has taken the subjectivity out of the equation and we now have the certified, objective record we've always wanted. It fires on all cylinders for FAS-reduced costs, improved quality and lightning speed."

Unlike current photo management solutions that are time consuming and error-prone, users say Pruvan's approach streamlines the challenging process of matching thousands of field photos to work orders by making it faster, easier and more accurate through its unique GPS certification and time-stamping capabilities.

"A long-time vendor for FAS, we've been using Pruvan for several months," said Shane Steele from Greener Gardens Estate Management.

"The software has been very useful, fast and efficient. Best of all, it's making life easier for myself and my staff."

Asset managers, field service providers, inspectors and appraisers can view work as it occurs in real time, capture the start and finish time of work crews at job sites to record when and where work was done, and contextualize photos instantly to existing work order management systems.

REO managers can retrieve any photo from any job instantly with a variety of search options and automatically match thousands of photos to the correct property or work orders. The system helps them quickly inspect, tag, move and upload photos into client browsers. The software was created to work with applications for the PC, MAC, iPhone and other smart phones.

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