REO Asset Manager Relocates Headquarters

As Keystone Asset Management Inc. reaches its 15th year in the REO marketplace, the company has relocated to a new corporate facility in Colmar, Pa., and is launching a brand-new image campaign as part of its growth and strategic development.

As a national provider of REO outsourcing, default management and property valuation services, Keystone recently purchased a new office building aimed at increasing workplace efficiencies and featuring client-based processing stations.

"We've designed the space to allow us to work more efficiently together and to include state-of-the-art technology," said Nick Salamone, president of Keystone.

Changing the company's image also reflects a whole new look and direction for the organization. In keeping with "green" standards, the building is in the official process of becoming LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Along with the new building and corporate strategy, Keystone has recreated its logo design with updated colors and a whole new advertising campaign. The design change will also be reflected in the website technology that includes a new site layout and functionality, Salamone said. To kick off some of the new changes, Keystone held a national training program in Palm Desert, Calif.

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