Automation to Manage REO Field Photos & Work Orders

Photo management technology could help make fieldwork easier for asset managers, field servicer providers, inspectors and appraisers who answer to servicers and government agencies.

Field Asset Services, a national property preservation and maintenance company, started using this type of automation in early 2010 with aim of creating efficiencies in the process it uses to document its performance.

According to the provider of its technology, the privately-held Pruvan, the automation averages 500,000 photos per day (over 12 photos per second at peak usage) with over 1,500 simultaneous users. Field Asset Services uses it to manage its field forces and the work it does as well as the documentation of this work for its customers.

The automation helps improve what Dale McPherson, chief executive officer of Field Asset Services, described as a cumbersome and subjective process. Among the improvements, McPherson said, is that it creates certified and objective documentation of the process.

It aims to streamline a process that involves the matching thousands of field photos to work orders.

The technology includes GPS certification and time-stamping aimed at allowing field crews and office staff to upload, sort and manage proof-of-performance photos, according to Round Rock, Texas-based Pruvan.

The automation also aims to allow asset managers and others to view work as it occurs in real time and capture the start and finish time of work crews at job sites.

According to the company, users are able to retrieve photos with a variety of search options. They can inspect, tag, move and upload photos into client browsers. The software works with applications for the PC, MAC, iPhone and other smartphones.

Shane Steele of Greener Gardens Estate Management, a long-time vendor for FAS, said the company has been using Pruvan for several months and has found the process to provide useful efficiencies.

One of the biggest frustrations for REO asset managers and others in the real estate industry is the delay that often takes place in selling an REO property because of lost or stolen keys.

This results in delays and additional expenses because the asset manager has to have the door rekeyed by their vendors along with lockbox replacement before the property can be shown again to prospective buyers.

Locks4Reo.com in Laguna Niguel, Calif., provides an electronic keyless single cylinder deadbolt solution for a number of financial institutions, banks, and REO asset managers. Using this deadbolt eliminates the need for keys by service vendors allowing the keys to remain with the Realtor.

The lock comes with two master keys and provides keys for electronic real estate boxes as required by some counties. The single cylinder deadbolt operates on four AA batteries. The lock permits access with a personalized code or a key. Each unit includes a low battery indicator light.