Alltel Sub Launches Mortgage Consulting

BenchMark Consulting International, a subsidiary of Alltel, has started a mortgage consulting business that will capitalize on Alltel's mortgage servicing automation platform.

BenchMark said its consulting practice will offer solutions in business process and continuous improvement that reduce cost, increase revenue and enhance customer relationships for companies providing both mortgage servicing and mortgage originations.

Ted Parker, mortgage practice manager at BenchMark, said the company is "uniquely positioned to offer specialized mortgage solutions to our existing BenchMark clients and to the overall prime and subprime mortgage industry."

The new practice targets institutions in the U.S. and Canada with assets totaling more than $10 billion. BenchMark operates as an independent entity within the financial services division of Alltel. The company said it will leverage its relationship with Alltel's Mortgage Servicing Platform to provide clients with "thought leadership."

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