Roundup: Loan Protector Creates Interface with Fidelity's MSP

Loan Protector Insurance Services here, an outsourcer of customized mortgage insurance tracking and verification programs, has developed a custom interface with the Fidelity Mortgage Servicing Package.

The interface gives Fidelity clients, who collectively service more than 24 million loans, access to Loan Protector's programs.

The daily bi-directional interface allows Loan Protector to stay current with changes to mortgage portfolios, while keeping MSP current with the latest insurance information, including policy updates and premium bills. The interface gives Loan Protector clients efficient access to read and update hazard insurance servicing information on MSP.

Loan Protector automates much of the tracking process and reduces the level of involvement needed from lenders, allowing them to focus time and resources on other areas of strategic importance.

Ron Wiser, president of Loan Protector, said that his company's EasyTrack software distinguishes its ability to work with servicers through MSP.

"EasyTrack enables us to track more than one property per loan and to track unlimited lines of coverage per property. Equally important, it retains the history and images of all the documents we receive," Mr. Wiser said.

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