FNIS Creates Don't Call Service

FNIS Real Estate Services, a division of Fidelity National Financial, announced a new, Web-based do-not-call telephone number search capability designed to help real estate professionals and mortgage lenders access telephone database information about do-not-call lists.

FNIS said the service will include "seller-specific do-not-call" and "override phone list" sites.

FNIS said the data tables help real estate professionals avoid calling customers who have signed up for federal or state do-not-call lists, avoiding the fines for noncompliance.

"We are committed to providing real estate professionals with innovative technology solutions that help them improve their efficiency, reduce risks and better manage and operate their businesses, and our do-not-call solution supports this vision," said Dwayne Walker, president of FNIS Real Estate Services.

Specific data tables include:

* Entire nation - except Wisconsin, Georgia and Missouri, which maintain unique state lists not shared with the national list.

* Seller-specific lists maintained by a company that has received do-not-call instructions.

* Override phone list, which contains a list of numbers maintained by a company to add/delete numbers that can be called, even if the number appears on the do-not-call or seller-specific list.

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