Commercial Servicing Technology

Commercial mortgage loans are a lot different from residential mortgages. In fact, they are usually different from each other as well. While the residential market is characterized by a high degree of conformity and standardization in mortgage lending, the commercial real estate market is characterized by idiosyncrasies and permutations.

But does that mean technology can't be employed to make commercial real estate finance more efficient? Not in the least, according to experts in the field.

Cross-collateralization, multiple loan notes, heterogeneous properties and income-stream analysis make commercial mortgage loan administration a more complex business than residential mortgage servicing. There's no substitute for human expertise in the field, but many commercial mortgage lenders are finding that technology can help them manage more loans more productively.

And that's why an increasing number are looking for software and systems that can help them monitor and manage commercial real estate loans. With the advent of the commercial mortgage-backed securities movement, industry leaders have pushed for increasing standardization of commercial mortgage documents. And that creates more opportunities than ever before to implement technology.

Already, many CMBS servicers are using the Internet to conduct investor reporting functions. And that's just one of the trends from recent years that is likely here to stay.

Without technology, lenders will have little chance to meet the demands that will be put on them in the future.

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