Post GMACCM/CapMark Merger

(Dollars in Millions)

Company Commercial Market

Name Servicing Port. Share

GMACCM/CapMark (1) $227,047 16.57 %

Midland Loan Serv. (e) $74,000 5.43 %

GEMSA Loan Services $58,860 4.32 %

ORIX Capital $36,751 2.70 %

Prudential Asset (e) $34,000 2.50 %

Notes: Market share is based on estimated outstanding commercial real estate debt of $1.363 trillion at Dec. 2002. (1) GMACCM is buying CapMark but the sale has not yet closed. (e) Estimate. As this edition of MSN went to press both Midland and Prudential had not yet filed fourth quarter survey information.

Source: MSN/Quarterly Data Report.

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