TransUnion Expands Service to Offer Speedier Cross-Sell Data

TransUnion, an information services company, has introduced two new prospecting solutions to acquire new customers and enhance existing relationships.

The Rapid Notify Account Acquisition and Rapid Notify Cross-Sell services are designed to help lenders secure new

customers and offer additional products and services to existing customers.

"Rapid Notify Account Acquisition and Rapid Notify Cross-Sell provide critical decision information so a marketer can extend the most appropriate credit offer to the right candidate faster," said Michael O'Connell, senior director of product management, TransUnion. "These new solutions help increase prospect response rates and strengthen existing customer relationships."

Rapid Notify Account Acquisition monitors the consumer population for credit activity that indicates a likelihood to respond to new products or services, then qualifies those consumers for automatic inclusion in marketing outreach efforts, the company said.

Rapid Notify Account Acquisition allows users to select from customized credit characteristics in addition to receiving phone numbers for telemarketing programs.

Rapid Notify Cross-Sell allows lenders to proactively and automatically evaluate their customer base for file changes that qualify their clients for new credits, the company said.

Mr. O'Connell told MSN that in today's marketing world, it is important to be the first creditor making an offer to a customer. The challenge lenders face is "getting the right offer to the right customer as fast as possible." And that may require a different approach than the traditional, all-at-one-time marketing campaigns that lenders use to cross-sell products.

"Sometimes the characteristics about an individual that make them an attractive prospect change, and who gets there first may be the one who gets their business," he said.

By monitoring credit data daily, he said TransUnion's products help lenders be the first marketer knocking on a prospective customer's door.

"A lot of our customers are struggling with their own infrastructure to be able to react more quickly," Mr. O'Connell said.

In addition, he said that TransUnion's research has found that some credit data that a lender might not use in assessing credit risk can be valuable for assessing cross-sell potential.

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