Advantage Selects CreditXpert

Advantage Credit will use tools from CreditXpert here to help their customers close loans. CreditXpert tools are designed to help loan officers and mortgage brokers explain applicants' credit profiles to them and identify actions they can take to improve their credit standing.

Advantage Credit, based in Pensacola, Fla., is one of the nation's largest providers of credit reporting services. The company will offer CreditXpert to provide credit score disclosure and analysis capabilities, offering the product as an enhancement to their existing suite of credit reporting tools.

"CreditXpert helps loan officers convert applications into funded loans by improving the satisfaction of the loan applicant," said Lance Forchilli, vice president of business development. "By building customer trust and confidence, CreditXpert also allows loan officers to build stronger relationships with their borrowers, improving the customer experience and increasing referral and repeat business."

CreditXpert provides personalized credit management tools to help consumers understand, manage and improve their credit histories and the credit decision process. Based on a hybrid of artificial intelligence, statistical techniques and analytical methods, CreditXpert says that it provides accurate predictions and greater explanatory power.

The firm's products and services are offered to consumers through credit reporting agencies, consumer finance information providers, brokers and lenders. The firm says its services help lenders build stronger customer relationships and retain more customers.

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