New MindBox Call Center System Helps Guide Resolution Efforts

MindBox has released Interactive Customer Account Manager. The intelligent system is designed for corporate call centers and servicing centers, and consists of software and services frameworks that are used to deploy a call center application utilizing intelligent scripting and proactive problem diagnosis and resolution.

ICAM is designed to save operational costs within company call centers by automating complex, error-prone and time-consuming customer support responses.

The software automatically analyzes customer accounts in real time, and provides call-center agents with dynamically generated scripts and question prompts, the company said. The scripting information is available before the support call conversation begins and is further refined based on the conversation.

The ICAM software also collects summary information about the number, types and results of all calls received and builds an internal library of resolution "cases" from which to learn and base future decision.

The company's call-center automation was instrumental in a recent implementation at Ocwen Federal Bank FSB.

Known within Ocwen as the Customer Relations Expert (CRE), the system uses MindBox's patented case-based reasoning engine to help Ocwen's customer relations agents both diagnose and resolve customer issues, and also to proactively identify and resolve other potential problems with a customer's account.

When a customer calls into the Ocwen call center, MindBox's CRE system proactively searches Ocwen's database to identify potential problems or conflicts with that customer's account. CRE then automatically generates scripts and instructions for Ocwen's call-center agents to offer to the customer - as if the agent had anticipated the problem and already worked out a solution. The answers that CRE generates are based on a combination of business rules and a library of similar "cases" that have been resolved in the past.

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