USFN Publishes New Resources

The USFN has issued three new industry resources to assist mortgage servicers and their attorneys.

The new resources are a "Foreclosure Timeline Matrix," the 20th edition of the "National Mortgage Servicer's Reference Directory" and a training video entitled "Default Management: Effective Attorney-Client Interaction."

The "Foreclosure Timeline Matrix" presents estimated foreclosure timelines for each state and the District of Columbia.

The "National Mortgage Servicer's Reference Directory" and CD ROM include state-by-state summaries of foreclosure and eviction procedures and deficiency rights, listings of state statutory requirements, Fannie, Freddie, HUD and VA procedures, timelines and fees, overviews of bankruptcy law and more ew topics include post-sale-conveyance after foreclosure, and excess foreclosure sale proceeds-surplus money.

The "Default Management: Effective Attorney-Client Interaction" training video covers a wide variety of topics, including the representation agreement, best practices and dealing with lawsuits.

The association's website is www.usfn.org.

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