AMCO Launches eView Product

Mayfield Heights, Ohio-based Appraisal Management Co., specialist in appraisal management and developers of the eValu hybrid collateral valuation product, has launched a new product it calls eView.

The new offering pairs a USPAP-compliant property valuation report along with a digital photograph of the subject property.

According to the company, eView is designed to make alternative property valuations more reliable. The company offers a number of collateral valuation solutions, using bump logic to provide the solution that best meets the risk tolerances of the lender.

AMCO says its new offering "integrates the powerful combination of local appraiser, best-in-class AVMs and a desktop valuation process - and you get the picture."

"I believe eView will provide mortgage lenders and servicers with the best solution to the problems and opportunities presented in today's changing housing market," said Patrick Moore, president of AMCO.

eView will be available in two versions. One provides an estimate of value with a digital photo as an attachment to the completed report. In the second version, the visual detail of the subject property photo will be taken into consideration by the appraiser during the valuation process. Both versions are paperless and Web-enabled.

AMCO, owned by a national relocation firm, has developed a network of 10,000 appraisers and is currently serving some 200 lenders nationwide.

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