Data-Vision Rolls Out New Disclosure Documents

Data-Vision Inc., a provider of electronic document delivery services, has introduced consumer-friendly document services.

DisclosureDocs from Data-Vision is an online system that allows mortgage applications and their initial disclosure documents to be delivered and consumer-approved within minutes over the Web.

The new system allows consumers to digitally sign all the necessary documents and return them to the lender. The complete transaction is fully compliant with E-SIGN and UETA requirements.

Part of Data-Vision's RemoteDocs service, DisclosureDocs will be rolled out to the company's clients later this year and to all others in early 2004. Once the documents are signed, the lender is immediately notified.

"The introduction of electronic documents this early in the mortgage transaction process is not typically being done in our industry," notes John Dempsey, vice president of sales for Data-Vision.

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