Servicing Techonlogy

With the pace of loan origination activity expected to slow down this year, lenders may have more time, and impetus, to focus on their long-term technology needs. And in the loan servicing arena, those needs are changing. For one thing, an increasing number of lenders are hoping to service a variety of loan types using one core processing system. That means technology vendors are under pressure to offer systems that can be adapted not only for a variety of mortgage loans - first liens, second liens, home improvement loans, fixed- and adjustable-rate products, construction loans - but also for unsecured consumer loans and even commercial loans.

For many lenders, having multiple servicing departments is the old-school way of doing business. They want to have all of their loan servicing personnel in one location operating from one system in order to achieve maximum efficiencies. Providing that kind of platform is just one way that technology vendors are able to improve their offerings.

With loan servicing expected to account for a larger share of mortgage industry profitability this year, lenders are looking for ways to make their operations more efficient. That doesn't always mean downsizing the staff, but it does mean employing staff in the most productive way possible. And utilizing technology is key to doing that.

For some lenders, consolidating servicing systems acquired in the course of mergers and acquisitions will be key to enhancing profitability. For others, finding technology that can help maximize cross sales and customer retention will be key to the effort. And for just about the entire industry, focusing on data quality remains a key concern. As the old saying goes: garbage in, garbage out.

If systems designed to mine the servicing portfolio's database for cross-sales or other purposes are being fed unreliable information, efforts to profit from those data are going to be hindered.

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