GCC Servicing Enters 2004 with a New Name and New Look

Glenn Computer Company has changed its name to GCC Servicing, and the company's president said the changes are more than just cosmetic.

Glenn Liebowitz said his company's new name and logo better reflect its comprehensive approach to loan servicing automation. He said the changes center around the theme of representing GCC Servicing, founded in 1977, as an "agile, forward thinking and stable company."

The company incorporated the word "servicing" into its name to demonstrate its emphasis on customer service and to convey that GCC Servicing is making an impact on the loan management industry.

The logo - an oval figure that soars above the company's name - represents the company's 26-year history of fluid development and advancement of its technology. The shape also symbolizes the company's spectrum of providing full training and customer support for users of its wraparound, service bureau system.

"When you look at the logo, you can almost picture it moving forward or revolving, which displays our commitment to providing mortgage servicing solutions 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, 52-weeks-a-year," Mr. Liebowitz said at the time the new look was unveiled.

More recently, he told Mortgage Servicing News that the company "needed a stronger name to make sure people knew what we did."

And he said the name change will help the industry understand that GCC Servicing is not just for small lenders. Mr. Liebowitz said he has no doubt that the system could handle a one-million-loan portfolio.

"We wanted to make sure our name invoked the image of someone who can handle a larger lender," he said.

Many of the service bureau's clients started out as mortgage companies but have become banks. And in some cases, they have started to use the system for managing different types of loans in addition to mortgages, including consumer, home equity and commercial loans.

Moreover, GCC is unveiling a new look for users at this year's annual MBA mortgage servicing conference. The new system will feature a Windows-based operating environment for use in a client/server computing scenario, he said.

"It increases the functionality of the screens our clients use. It will be a very easy system."

Increasingly, the workforce is used to operating on Windows-based systems, and the change caters to that trend. In addition, he said the system "will not take a lot of muscle from their PCs or workstations," but will sit alongside other applications that the clients use. High-speed Internet access also will help users of the technology.

The company is using a software development tool that creates a bilingual environment, so that companies with Spanish-speaking employees or customers can make use of the product. Mr. Liebowitz has a background in the mortgage industry, and his top lieutenants also have experience working in the mortgage servicing industry.

"One of the things that comes with a service bureau, of course, is service. We've always taken a lot of pride in the servicing knowledge that we have here."

The company will also be unveiling a new trade show booth at this year's MBA mortgage servicing conference in San Diego. GCC Servicing also will be giving away, via a lottery, a $7,000 Rolex watch during the convention.

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