LoanPerformance Uses MicroStrategy System

LoanPerformance here has selected the MicroStrategy business intelligence platform for improved analysis and reporting of mortgage industry data trends.

LoanPerformance provides data, software and analytics to the mortgage industry. The company manages databases that track the performance of both prime and subprime credit-quality home loans.

"We selected MicroStrategy because our rapidly growing databases became too large for our proprietary systems to efficiently process," said Mark Carrington, director, product management, LoanPerformance, in an announcement about the contract.

He said the MicroStrategy technology will give LoanPerformance the scalability and flexibility to accommodate its growing database, and its robust reporting capabilities will enable LoanPerformance clients to build unique reports.

Through LoanPerformance's TrueStandings product, the technology will provide comprehensive historical mortgage data in a new, fully secured, Web-enabled user interface, the companies said. Mortgage analysts can run reports on mortgage performance, origination analysis, executive summaries and market analysis against a 3.5 terabyte SQL server data warehouse. The MicroStrategy-based application allows users to add loan attributes, metrics and filters to reports, and to drill from high-level reporting to an individual loan.

The LoanPerformance databases track the payment performance of more than 70% of the mortgages in the U.S.

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