USFN Updates Its Servicing Book

USFN, a nonprofit association of attorneys, trustee companies and associates that provide default services to the mortgage banking industry, has published an updated guide to state foreclosure timelines and has also published the 21st edition of its mortgage servicer's reference directory.

The updated version of USFN's state-by-state "Foreclosure Timelines Matrix" is excerpted from the association's reference directory, which was released in August.

"USFN created the 'Foreclosure Timelines Matrix' in response to suggestions from lenders and servicers for an easy-to-read resource containing estimated foreclosure timelines for each state," said David Trott, president of the USFN, in a news release.

"This valuable resource contains 64 descriptive pages of uncontested foreclosure actions that have been referred with all of the necessary documents and with all of the necessary assignments previously recorded."

The cost of the "Foreclosure Timelines Matrix" is $28.

USFN, formerly known as the U.S. Foreclosure Network, was founded in 1988.

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