GCC Touts Web Access, Windows Upgrade to MBA Crowd

GCC Servicing Systems here is bringing its largest representation at the MBA convention in five or six years, according to company president and CEO Glenn Liebowitz.

Mr. Liebowitz told MSN that with the introduction of a Web-based option and the conversion of the company's clients to its new Windows-based software, GCC is ready to pitch itself as a major player in the loan servicing automation business.

Last summer, GCC Servicing Systems, a mortgage service bureau and mortgage servicing technology provider, started transitioning clients to its new Windows-based system.

The company announced the conversion of the first two clients in July and recently brought another 20 onto the new system. Clients experienced little down time because the conversions were completed over a weekend. GCC also conducted Web conference training to help users adapt to the new system.

Only one client - GCC's largest - has yet to be converted. That conversion requires more testing and integration, and it is scheduled to take place next February, Mr. Liebowitz said.

The company has also unveiled a new Web-based version of its software that allows bank tellers, branch managers and loan officers to have access to the servicing system.

That option is geared toward clients that choose not to integrate the servicing software into their core bank processing system.

The main goal of everything GCC has been doing is to win more customers, Mr. Liebowitz said. And the company's strategy for doing that is to make sure the mortgage industry knows about GCC Servicing Systems.

"We are trying to educate everyone that GCC servicing has been in the industry for almost 30 years, and that we have the sophistication and technology expertise of the major software companies in the industry," Mr. Liebowitz said.

He said the industry should know that GCC is ready to partner with larger as well as smaller servicers. Already, the company's largest client is a top 30 servicer, and he said the company is telling lenders with 400,000 to one million loans that it can partner with them.

GCC is also adapting its servicing system so that it can handle additional loan types. One client recently brought in a 2,000 loan consumer portfolio to the system, and Mr. Liebowitz said that GCC is adding second-lien, home-equity line of credit servicing functionality to the system.

"We really pride ourselves on the level of service that we give to our end users."

When clients call in with a complaint to GCC, they are likely to talk to Mr. Liebowitz himself rather than a low-level employee, he noted.

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