GMAC Protege Offers Lending Automation Product

Epitome Systems here has come to market with an end-to-end enterprise productivity management solution designed to automate every step of the mortgage process.

Epitome started as a result of a technology initiative at GMAC Commercial Holdings. "GMAC wanted to create a global paperless process," said Vince Rogusky, founder, president and co-chief executive officer at Epitome. "At that stage the technology was conceived, created and implemented.

"From there, I formed a partnership with GMAC two years ago to look at technologies that they developed that might have broader commercial appeal," he continued. "The end-to-end process automation that they were using was something that I thought the industry would need. As a result, we launched Epitome in the fourth quarter of last year."

The solution - called the Enterprise Productivity Management Software Suite - was designed to move toward a complete e-mortgage and get the paper out of the process at GMAC. "We automate and streamline all the processes within GMAC and other third-party companies as well," said Mr. Rogusky. "In the mortgage industry there are often a number of desperate systems and a number of desperate operations. This technology brings together those systems and operations."

The product offering is broken down into individual components designed to address specific needs within the industry. "Enterprise Productivity Management is a combination of products that will increase productivity in the various mortgage processes and within the systems that execute those processes," said Mr. Rogusky.

"The software is broken down into three basic platforms," he added. "We start with our content Acquistion Platform, which acquires and manages all forms of content from streaming data to the various databases, forms, reports, e-mail, Web content. Our technology goes out to these places and centralizes this data.

"Our central platform is what we call our Integrated Business Platform where we provide things like business process management, collaboration, distribution of content, records management, content search and mining," he continued. "This is the layer where all the work gets done.

"Finally, the top layer is our Business Disability Platform," Mr. Rogusky reported. "At this point we manage the processes so the user can look into each process for auditing, compliance and productivity reasons so the user can look in and see how their operation is working and make the appropriate changes."

In addition, the solution offers addition functionality within each platform. "For example, integrated with these platforms we also have a document capture service where we will convert paper documents to digital documents," said Mr. Rogusky.

At present the actual return on investment has not been quantified as GMAC considers that information proprietary. "When you deploy sophisticated workflow and process management software solutions, it allows you to take apart your business and multisource it across third-party suppliers or different markets to take advantage of the world time clock. You can have global operations and spread the work literally across the world."

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