Harland Plans to Offer Anti-Fraud Technology

John H. Harland Co., parent of the Interlinq loan servicing and automation software provider, is in the final stage of developing a comprehensive solution for the prevention of the most difficult to catch form of check fraud - the forgery of the maker's signature.

The company said its self-authenticating solution stems from Harland's position as a leader in digital check printing technology.

The solution will employ sophisticated image processing, data encoding, encryption, digital printing and statistical validation software to allow financial institutions and merchants to validate the authenticity of the maker's signature and the physical check document.

Harland said users of the software will be able to authenticate checks at any time, at any place, with no online connection required to the paying financial institution.

"We believe that our approach to check-fraud prevention is the first and only solution capable of catching forged checks at any point at which the item is presented or processed," said John Heald, president of Harland Printed Products. Copyright 2004 Thomson Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. http://www.thomsonmedia.com http://www.mortgageservicingnews.com

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