Society Promotes Training And Certification Program

The Society of Independent Representatives, which is comprised of contractors who provide property preservation and protection services, believes its members and lenders will benefit from training and certification of field service representatives.

Charles Smith Jr., a SIRs board member and head of JR Service LLC, as well as Business Ventures Consulting Inc., has been instrumental in developing the training and certification program for SIRs.

In a recent conversation with MSN, Mr. Smith, who is based in Norton, Ohio, said that other parties involved in managing foreclosed property - Realtors, attorneys and lenders - all have training and certification programs to demonstrate their capacity to perform their functions.

"For the people out in the field who are actually preserving and protecting these properties, there was really no training or testing," he said.

As a result, SIRs took a look at the training, testing and certification programs that has been developed by other industry groups, such as the one that represents home inspectors. Mr. Smith's consulting firm developed the field service training and certification testing for SIRs, which is similar to certification programs offered by other industry groups.

He said the certification is particularly useful to people who are trying to enter the field services industry, including real estate agents or home inspectors. Passing the SIRs exam allows them to demonstrate that they understand the business, Mr. Smith said.

The training and certification is just part of the Society of Independent Representatives' mission, which is to bring the contractors, servicers, Realtors and attorneys together to make sure that they are "all on the same page," Mr. Smith said.

The organization's website (www.sirs4quality.org) provides an exchange of information pertaining to the field services industry. It also includes links to other field service related sites.

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