Cambridge Uses Sliding Fee

Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. here has introduced the "75/50" plan, which implements a new sliding scale monthly fee structure that will allow the company to expand its services to a larger number of customers nationwide.

The nonprofit provider of credit counseling, educational assistance and budget planning services said its 90-day full-refund guarantee offer is "the longest and only one of its kind in the industry" that will also help advance "the organization's core educational and charitable mission to bring added benefits to customers burdened with debt."

The plan's standard new fee structure consists of an initial $75 in addition to monthly maintenance fees of up to $50 for each customer capable to afford the aforementioned price. Otherwise, for customers who cannot afford the monthly maintenance fee, CCC provides the option to adjust the fee based on an individual's ability to pay so that even customers in financial difficulty can receive credit and personal budget counseling.

Acting CCC president and CEO, Chris Viale, stated that "by implementing this new fee structure," CCC increases access to counseling and educational services to thousands of customers "struggling to get control of their finances and pay down debt."

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