Collection Advisor Adds New Executive

Kaulkin Ginsberg Co., here, an advisor for debt collection and accounts receivable management, has appointed Mary Bittle Koenick as director of sales for Kaulkin Partners, Kaulkin Information Systems and Kaulkin Media, the 27,000-member publisher of electronic products including collectionindustry.com.

The 13-year industry veteran who joined KGC a year ago was praised by founder and chairman Marvin Kaulkin for establishing and growing "a solid list of advertisers," cultivating strategic relationships with media partners" and helping generate a variety of marketing initiatives.

Her new responsibilities will be primarily in managing the company's national sales force, as well as building and maintaining strategic partner relationships.

In addition, Mr. Kaulkin said, she will solidify the company position in the industry as a leading source of technology and products "central to the success of all players in the credit and collections industry."

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