GCC Servicing Develops Tool for Bank Tellers

GCC Servicing Systems here is currently developing a new tool, GServ, that will allow bank tellers and loan officers access to a customer's mortgage loan information.

GCC says it is one of the first companies in the industry to offer this type of product through a Web browser. The company anticipates releasing GServ in October.

"This is a unique product to the banking industry. Our new servicing product will offer banks the best of both worlds, enabling them to use the core processing system of their choice and at the same time giving tellers and loan officers access to customer mortgage information via an Internet setup to the bank's servicing information on the GCC platform," said Glenn Liebowitz, president and CEO of GCC Servicing Systems, in a company news release.

Traditionally, when it came to banking and servicing systems, banks had to either use the mortgage servicing module that came packaged with its core processing system or have a separate mortgage servicing bureau, he said.

While the mortgage servicing functions of the core processing system were limited, it allowed bank tellers the ability to perform simple mortgage servicing tasks, such as accepting a payment or answering a borrower's questions.

If a bank relied on a separate system to accomplish mortgage servicing, it was uneconomical to grant bank tellers access to it, even though it had increased servicing functionality.

GCC believes that its new product can bridge this gap, giving tellers and loan officers access to enhanced loan servicing functionality.

The company describes GServ as an alternative for banks and credit unions that are looking to incorporate servicing capabilities into their core processing systems. The direct link between the bank and GCC Servicing System will enhance a bank's productivity and eliminate the need to sacrifice servicing quality for banking quality, the company said.

"Because the program runs through an Internet Explorer window, costs are low and minimal training is required. It is set up as an intranet that gives access to the basic mortgage servicing information for users outside of the mortgage servicing department. All information displayed and inputted into the new product goes directly into the GCC Servicing System," said Miranda Liebowitz, director of communications at GCC Servicing Systems.

When a community bank or credit union implements the GCC Servicing System, GCC, in cooperation with the bank, sets up an interface to the bank software system. If the bank is unable to invest the time or money, GCC is able to install an Intranet throughout the bank. The Intranet allows the bank departments to access information.

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