Miss. Bill Affects Foreclosures

Two pieces of legislation recently enacted in Mississippi will affect the rules for mortgage lenders, and one of them focuses on foreclosure sales.

The bills were signed by Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour. H.R. 520 provides for the publication of foreclosure sale notices in certain newspapers.

The bill, which became effective in April, amended the previous statutes to include foreclosure sale notices as legal notices that may be published by certain newspapers in particular circumstances.

The bill specifies that newspapers published in a municipality whose corporate limits encompass territory in more than one county are qualified to publish legal notices, including foreclosure notices, for any county of which a portion is located within the municipality.

In this circumstance, it is not necessary for the actual physical location of the principal office of the newspaper to be located within that specific county, as long as it is within the municipality, the Washington law firm Lotstein Buckman said in an e-mail alert about the legislation.

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