Charbonneau Back in Business

Merger and acquisitions veteran Larry Charbonneau has formed a new advisory firm to offer consulting services to the mortgage industry.

For 20 years Mr. Charbonneau was widely known as a principal in Charbonneau-Klein Inc. here but then abruptly left the firm last year to actually operate a mortgage company.

But his stint as president and chief executive of McAfee Mortgage of Lubbock (also known as Plains Capital McAfee Mortgage) ended in April when he decided to go back into M&A work. (McAfee is a subsidiary of the Texas-based Plains Capital Bank.)

Mr. Charbonneau was at the privately held Plains Capital for about a year. He said he decided to move back to Houston (he had relocated to Lubbock) for personal reasons and because he missed the M&A business.

After he left Charbonneau-Klein, his former partner there, Chuck Klein recast the company, renaming it CKI Financial.

The name of Mr. Charbonneau's new firm is Charbonneau & Associates. It is based in Houston. He said he is currently working on a couple of transactions but said he could not discuss them at this time.

During its hey day, Charbonneau-Klein acted as an investment banker on servicing acquisitions, branch sales, whole franchise transactions, evaluations, and other activities.

While at Charbonneau-Klein, Mr. Charbonneau sold McAfee not once but twice.

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