Escrowdesk Refines Strategy

Escrowdesk here has announced a strategic objective to support the company's rollout of new initiatives, including a streamlined Web-based document coordination and management system that simplifies and standardizes the process of managing and closing real estate transactions.

This new technology creates a seamless link between real estate professionals, clients and service providers.

The company is opening new headquarters in Newport Beach, Calif., as the first step of this rollout. Located at 1000 Quail Street, the new, 2,000 square foot office expands the company's presence and allows adequate space for additional growth.

"By reorganizing our processes and lowering long-term operating costs, our move into a new facility provides a solid home base from which we can provide our clients the support and services that they have come to rely upon," said Heidi Bergman, Escrowdesk general manager.

A second tactic, the firm said, is the launch of a new corporate branding initiative based on the "personality icon" known as ED (short for Escrowdesk). The company said it will re-launch its website with ED playing a prominent role in the new design and messaging.

"Each of these initiatives is designed to position Escrowdesk for long-term stability and expansion," said Ms. Bergman. "This new branding effort provides a springboard that helps us meet our strategic objectives of improving efficiencies and offering our clients a positive and results-focused experience in dealing with us."

Escrowdesk is a Nevada-incorporated limited liability company. The Web-based transaction platform streamlines and standardizes the management and closing of real estate transactions by creating a seamless link between real estate partners.

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