U.S. Recordings Expands Footprint

U.S. Recordings here, a provider of mortgage recording solutions since 1967, has expanded its electronic recording service to six new counties.

InteleDoc Plus, the company's multilevel electronic recording platform, was created in 2003 to submit and receive data electronically on a Level II basis with enabled counties. The program now integrates into Level II recording as well, adding templates for lien releases and assignments for all jurisdictions.

As a result, U.S. Recordings said its electronic footprint has grown nearly fourfold from last year, with numerous additional counties planning for 2006 implementation.

InteleDoc Plus imports data directly from mortgage databases to automatically create the InteleDoc Plus documents specific to each state. Lien releases or assignments can then be digitally signed and notarized to file electronically through U.S. Recordings' gateway or printed for wet signatures to be filed in counties that are paper based.

Optionally, U.S. Recordings can act as an authorized agent and complete the signing, notarizing and submission of the lien releases or assignments, electronically or as paper, on behalf of the financial institution, rendering the entire backroom of the lender paperless, the company said.

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